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Tip 5: Open it up and let me see what you got!

Q. What should I look for in a Portfolio Review with a Photographer?

A. There are a number of things, but here are the top ones:

1. Weddings. Believe it or not, so Photogs will try and show you nature pictures and photo’s of buildings. Although they images may be stunning, they have nothing to do with a wedding and the quality you will receive from the wedding. Make sure they have a healthy preview of previous Weddings they have done.

2. Don’t mess with the Dress! When a bride picks out her dress, she does so for a reason. The Detail, the pieces and parts that make her dress unique to her. Make sure the dresses in the photos provide plenty of detail. We have seen alot of photos where the photog cannot control the light, and the dress is solid white (or what we call blown out).

3. Balance that Color! Was your dress really blue? It wasn’t? Then why is it blue in the photo? Unless its a post edit special process (antique, HDR, etc) then the picture should be balanced and pleasing to the eye. Phototogs call it White Balance and there is a reason there is a setting on the camera for it

4. Did you get a sunburn during your Bachelor / Bachelorette party? Flesh tones are a huge. Look at the face, the skin. Each color tone of flesh is different and should look normal.

5. What happened to your eyes, did you drink a red bull before this was taken? A photo should be crisp and in focus when a photog takes the picture. If not, then they face and important parts of the image become blurry. Some times sharpening during the post process is needed. There are some instances where too much is used and it looks very odd. Good motto for sharpness: Its like tylenol…enough will get rid of your headache. Take the whole bottle and it will probably kill you.

Q. What is involved with a Consultation?

A. You should have at minimum 2 consultations with your Photographer. 1 at the beginning of the process, and another a few weeks before the big day. These will help you express your expectations of what you really desire for the big day. (Shoe’s, mood, etc). There should also be plenty of conversation between them as well. your photographer should always be available for any questions you have.

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